Find Your New Phoenix Home  -  Fast With Least Hassle

More challenges and more hassles.

More than any time in the past,  rapidly changing markets, legal issue, foreclosures, short sales, Government Regulations, and much more.... cloud the picture and decision making  becomes difficult.

Your goal remains the same  -  Find the right home for you, for the best price and complete the deal with the least amount of hassle.

Looking for Information About Homes ?   Look at The Source  -  The Realtor MLS.

Look no further  -  this is the SOURCE.  All our information comes  direct  from the Realtor MLS  ( Multiple Listing Service ).  Where Phoenix realtors go to list  their clients homes for sale. ( Homes they want to sell to you.)

Please Note -- The MLS is  The Most  up-to-date information about homes available.  All those search engines you've been looking at......get their information from the MLS.  They are often days or weeks behind current.

Use our search above ( FREE ) to search for homes in -  any City, Zip Code, by MLS #, Address, Elementary School, High School, plus all the usual  - bedroom, baths, price, pool, sq. ft., , garage, condo, townhouse and much more. Or you can search by MAP if you know the area you are looking for.

You Found The Home !  Let's Make an Offer !

"It's not over until the paperwork's done ! "   Now the work begins.

We help prepare an offer for presentation to the seller.  First, lets' research and find the "solds", and set our offer price, including our terms and conditions. Obtain the financing. Look at the sellers' disclosures, reports, and any addenda.  Then submit our offer.

We represent the buyer in negotiations with the Seller  -   including price, terms and conditions,  financing, all disclosures & reports, Home Inspections & Repairs, Appraisals, Government Rules & Requirements. Also, don't forget, the Escrow and Closing Process.

Our goal is to make the closing process run as smoothly as possible. Put our 20+ years of experience to work for you.